Welcome to the Black Wealth Mafia!

We are an apparel brand for the Culture by the Culture based out of the Los Angeles area. We're looking for the family to help us expand our message to educate, entertain and empower 10,000 Black folks through dope apparel and content by 2020. We're happy to announce our Black Wealth Mafia Ambassador Program!

Here's How It Works:

Fill out the 2 forms I’ll provide you links too, once accepted you will receive your custom promo code that will get customers a 10% discount on orders, as well as pay you 10% of their total!

How Do I Get Coins?

Typically, we pay through Paypal if you have another form of payment please contact us and we'll investigate it. We pay you out as quick as possible!

How Do I Promote My Code?

That's up to you Fam! We suggest starting with the people closest to you. Roll up to the family gathering (i.e. Cookout, Family Reunion, Block Party, etc) and be the talk of the event with your Black Wealth Mafia gear.  If you think any friends or family might like our apparel, let them know that you're a part of the Black Wealth Mafia family and that you can get them a discount. We would love for you to post photos along with your code to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or put it in your bio. We also give you a custom link that will automatically keep track of any purchases!

Benefits of Being a Black Wealth Mafia Ambassador

  • 35% off personal purchases
  • Quick Payouts
  • A chance for you and your business to be featured on our website/Instagram
  • $100 store credit raffle to a top performing ambassador each month!



Hit me up on IG via DM www.instagram.com/blackwealthmafia

Facebook via Messenger www.facebook.com/blackwealthmafia or

email me info@blackwealthmafia.com